2018 Week 3 Newsletter - Black Bear Lake Day Camp

2018 Week 3 Newsletter

Oh Hi!

At Black Bear Lake we put a great deal of thought and planning into our famous curriculum. We call it “Intentional Programming”…That is, an elective schedule specifically designed to offer our campers opportunities for personal growth, quality friendship and success in everything that they do. Our effort in this regard is very deliberate and intentional.

Together, our well trained staff and supportive parent screens! TV screens, smart phones, computers, video games and more… We even back our cars up now using screens! Don’t get us wrong, much of this electronic obsession has brought with it advancements in many useful and productive ways, but in our estimation we need to pause, and take a break from it all. We need to make sure that we don’t lose “touch” with one another… The great American summer camp experience allows for that!

As we see it, camp is uniquely qualified to offer this wonderful opportunity!

Yours in camping,