2018 Week 4 Newsletter - Black Bear Lake Day Camp

2018 Week 4 Newsletter

Oh Hi !

We very much support a movement spreading across America called 21st Century Skills…

This initiative addressed what corporate America is seeing as a deficiency area in recent college graduates as it relates to what they are calling “Core Competency Skills”. They commissioned a study to see what was at the root of this issue. The results were varied but a common thread was the massive amount of time that students are spending looking at screens. A threshold of 56 million students spend 53 hours per week looking at screens…computers, tablets, smart phones, televisions, etc. At camp, we UNPLUG!

We have designed a program to address these skill sets and to incorporate some of the values of this initiative into our everyday life here at camp. Every day at camp, we focus on positively influencing others. Skills that we are addressing here at camp this summer are: Sportsmanship…Collaboration…Self Control…Teamwork…Flexibility…Creativity…Decision Making…Critical Thinking…Communication…Adaptability…Kindness…Responsiblility…Leadership…Self Direction…

Yours in camping,