2019 Week 5 Newsletter

Oh Hi,

Color War is our number one Special Event of the summer! Four days of non-stop, all-camp competitions bring out a summer crescendo of spirit and enthusiasm. Words cannot express the anticipation with which the entire camp awaits this event at the end of the summer. The exact day on which Color War begins — known as Color War Break — is a mystery, known only to a very few select people. The entire camp is divided into two teams — Green & White — who follow a special daily schedule while competing in every camp activity. Color War’s major events are: the allcamp Apache Relay (which includes everything from Rock Wall climbing to Tug of War to paddle boarding across Black Bear Lake and the final victory lap to beat the BBL drum – all in the course of a single hour); countless group competitions, and finally, Sing and Plaque presentation. At the end of four days, the team with the most points wins! There is no prize for winning, but you would never know it from the exultation of the winning team and the tears (yes, tears) of their opponents. Thankfully, winners and losers meet at a discreet location to “bury the hatchet,” hug it out, and camp returns to normal by dismissal.

Good Luck to Green Monopoly & White Candy Land!

Yours in camping,