Job Descriptions

Division Leader

Division Leaders are teachers and adults who supervise an entire age group/ unit.  They are responsible for everything in the unit and directly supervise the counselors and campers in every aspect of their camp experience.  Division Leaders meet with the Directors before and after camp each day to review all pertinent information that arises regarding group dynamics, food issues and scheduling.  Division Leaders also serve as the liaison between the camp and camp families.  Division Leaders are also responsible for all contact with parents from the pre camp phone call through the last day of camp.  Because DLs are always around their campers, they know everything about them and are able to communicate with parents about personal situations which may arise.

Group Leader

Group Leaders are responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of the campers in their group. A Group Leader is in charge of a group of approximately 15 campers.  They supervise the staff working under them and make sure that the group dynamic is positive and that the group is safe and enjoying camp!  All Group Leaders are college age students. .


Every camp group has a counselor(s) who are active participants in every aspect of every camper’s day.  The bond formed between camper and counselor is extremely important and often dictates how a camper likes camp.  Black Bear Lake counselors are active, patient, warm, friendly, fun, energetic and responsible.  They also must demonstrate good listening skills and be able to relate to children and sincerely care about their needs.  Counselors must be entering a minimum of either 11th grade or 12th grade.


Specialists are instructors who have expertise in a specific activity and work full-time in that program area. All Specialists are responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of the campers attending their program area.  While we have a curriculum in place for each activity, we tend to hire specialists who want to add their own ideas and continue to develop the program further staying within the camp’s philosophy.


Three heated pools and our beautiful 5-acre lake provide a variety of Waterfront activities, and many opportunities for those who love the water. We hire Red Cross Certified lifeguards for lake and beachfront activities, as well as instructional and free swim periods in our pools. Plus, we will provide a Red Cross Certification course if you are interested in becoming a Black Bear Lake lifeguard! You must be 16 years or older to apply. Our Lakefront activities including boating, fishing and our awesome Water Park, all supervised by teachers.

Support Staff

  • Nurses
  • Grounds / Maintenance
  • Office
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Security