What Our
Families Say

“My son is attending Black Bear Lake for the first time and is going into 8th grade. He LOVES camp. There are electives for all interests and campers are able to participate in activities they are familiar and comfortable with while also being able to try new activities. Campers get to choose new electives each week and it is simple to do on their website. The camp is well run, and I feel very safe sending my son there.. He is well supervised, and the staff is there to be sure that he is having an amazing time each day while staying safe. Bus pickup and drop off is at a very nearby location which is so easy and convenient. Breakfast and lunch are served daily and there is towel service for the pool. The camp is more expensive than a town rec program etc., but you get a lot, and your children will be happy, active, and busy each and every day for 8 weeks of summer.” – Parent of 8th grade boy, 1st summer at Black Bear Lake

“Our children have been attending black Bear for almost a decade. Every spring the excitement builds in an anticipation for camp not just any camp Black Bear lake Day camp. Our kids are now 15 and 13 and still Loving it. The experience Ian and his staff provide is second to none. I feel very comfortable knowing that they’re safe with the occasional scratched knee, they are well fed and have a variety of options for lunch, and well entertained. The staff of counselors are very attentive and interactive. Families are welcome to the camp at various times during the year for barbecues and meet and greet with the counselors. Every year they make an attempt to bring something new into the camp to keep old activities from becoming stale. Don’t just take my word for it take a tour meet the staff and judge for yourself.” – Parent of 1st year counselor and 9th grade boy, 10+ summers at Black Bear Lake

“We LOVE Black Bear Lake camp!!! It’s the best feeling ever knowing my child is having the time of her life while I’m at work. She gets off the bus everyday so excited to tell me about all the fun adventures and surprises of the day. They have every elective you can think of.. my daughters’ favorites are horseback riding and the lake obstacle course. They’re all super friendly counselors. NO other camp compares, I’ve researched all of them in our area. I’m so happy we chose Black Bear because we found our summer home!!!” – Parent of 3rd grade girl, 3rd summer at Black Bear Lake

Campers horseback riding through woods

“Last summer were my daughters first summer at Black Bear. After week one, she begged me to sign her up for all 8 weeks. After week 6, she requested to go back the following summer for all 8 weeks! All this love coming from a little girl who is very comfortable being at home and would never leave if she didn’t have to!! She loves Black Bear so much that last weekend she said she wished she had camp on the weekend. Mom win!! Love this camp and staff so much! I’ve never had my daughter be more comfortable!!”- Parent of 8th grade girl, 2nd summer at Black Bear Lake

“I have nothing but amazing things to say about Black Bear Lake Day camp! My kids have been going there for 10 years now and next year one of them will start working there. The amount of attention they pay to each, and every kid is outstanding and the way they can produce new activities, and ways to improve upon an already enjoyable experience, is beyond my comprehension.The owner, Ian, is nothing but accommodating and truly lives for camp and making sure the kids get the best experience possible. One of the ways he does this is by choosing amazing staff members that work with the kids and also in the back office. We wouldn’t be there for 10 years if this wasn’t a top-notch environment for our children.”- Parent of 9th grade boy & 8th grade girl, 10+ summers at Black Bear Lake

“Both of my daughters go to Black Bear Lake; and as soon as my youngest is old enough she’ll be right there to join them. This camp has exceeded my expectations of what a summer camp should be- attentive, enthusiastic, and nurturing staff, professional and devoted management, and an incredibly vast range of activities to ensure your child will create memories that will last a lifetime. My daughters talk about their summers at Black Bear all throughout the school year- they truly live for their second home. The staff at Black Bear Lake will become family and your child will make everlasting friendships at their home away from home.” – Parent of 6th grade girl, 2nd grade girl, and future Cub, 4th summer at Black Bear Lake 

Campers learning to dance

“Wow!!! I have 3 kids, but I have to say one child in particular struggled with school and social skills after covid. Let’s just say, YES, I am that parent who calls EVERY DAY! The staff and campers both welcomed him and were extremely accommodating to his needs. As a parent of a child of many struggles, this place warmed my heart that my son can do it. He might have his quirks but the staff at Black Bear guided him with making friends and developing relationships! He had the opportunity to try activities that he would never have tried. This year he won his first dance off.  Ian is a fabulous owner, who is accommodating to the parents, does handshakes with the older campers and from what my 4-year-old daughter says, he sometimes reads books to the little ones. How sweet!!!!!!  I have made MANY calls to the office to find out how my kids were doing! Jenn has always been very informative and assured me they were safe, hydrated and well fed. I have picky eaters!  The best thing I have to say about Black Bear is my kids have made friendships who are like family. Thank you, Black Bear you will always have a special place, in my heart!”- Parent of two 5th grade boys and a Pre-K Girl, 7 years at Black Bear Lake

“Black Bear Lake has been the summer home for my 3 children for many years and will continue to be their home for years to come. I cannot say enough great things about the owners , management, and staff. The children are absolutely loved and care as if their own. The atmosphere than Ian instills in the camp is second to none. We look for Ian’s daily “oh -hi “ videos and Kids look forward to picking their weekly electives and their daily activities. Winning Ian’s cup is always a BIG deal. I cannot thank black bear enough for all they do for the children. Moving many families into the area every year Black bear is the ONLY camp I ever recommend.”- Parent of 3rd grade girl, BBL Lifer.

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