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Welcome to the NEW STAFF On-Line Application Page!

Black Bear Lake Day Camp accepts staff applications throughout the year for the upcoming summer. We begin filling available staff positions in January and continue to do so until all positions are filled. Applications received after mid to late spring may result in a deferral or non-hire if the right-fit position for an applicant is unavailable. Interviews are only scheduled after the staff application file is complete with three submitted reference forms, the on-line application form completed, and when a position is available to be filled.

Thank you in advance for applying to work at Black Bear Lake Day Camp

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    3 persons (not personal friends or relatives) having knowledge of your character, experience, and ability.
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  • I authorize investigation of all statements herein and release and all others from liability in connection with the same. I also authorize BBL to conduct necessary background checks, including criminal investigations to determine my fitness for the position applied for. I understand that, if employed, I will be an at-will employee and that any agreement to the contrary must be in writing and signed by the director of the camp. I also understand that untrue, misleading, or omitted information herein may result in dismissal, regardless of the time of discovery by the camp. In addition, I have never been the subject of an investigation relating to the physical or sexual abuse of another person.
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