Special Events

Spirit, at Black Bear Lake, is the continual flow of positive energy, enthusiasm and good will that permeates throughout our camp community.

At Black Bear Lake, no two days are ever alike, yet every day is filled with FUN and new surprises! Black Bear Lake’s spirited Special Events are designed to thrill! Throughout the summer we constantly provide fresh programs, entertainment, and special guests to appeal to a wide range of camper interests. These Special Events are in addition to our already extraordinary regular camp programming. Together, these programs create a package of summer excitement that is second to none. There is nothing quite like a Black Bear Lake Summer! Spirit is the continual flow of positive energy, enthusiasm and goodwill that permeates throughout our camp community. Our Spirit is the figurative soul, attitude, and atmosphere of Black Bear Lake – invisible to the naked eye, but impossible for the heart to miss.

Daily special events bring even more excitement to our already action-packed summer program. “COLLEGE DAYS”, a summer-long competition in which the entire camp is broken into four colleges, takes place every Friday.  Throughout the summer, there will be sports, games, contests, songs, cheers, and spirit galore. We will play hard, win with pride and dignity, and lose gracefully.

The culmination of each week is Friday Line-Up where each Division hands out their Staff Of The Week Award equipped with Staff Of The Week T-Shirt and fresh pie in the face!  After all,…Friday is Pie Day! Before we say so-long for the weekend, Ian’s Cup is awarded to the Division who most exemplifies the Black Bear Lake culture of Friendship, Adventure and Spirit! The winning Division Leader sits down in front of the entire camp while Ian’s Cup is filled to the brim with ice-cold water. Ian’s Cup is then dumped on his/her head! The winning division has bragging rights for the entire next week!

The highlight of our Spirit Calendar for many, is an event that’s not even listed on the Spirit Calendar: Color War –our all-camp competition in which the entire camp splits into 2 teams (Green & White) for extra-exciting days of athletic, creative and performance competitions while teaching important skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship. Color War brings out the best in campers and team members, creating memories that last a lifetime. Color War can break out at any time and only Ian knows when!