Cranbury, NJ

Black Bear Lake Day Camp is nestled on 40 acres of land in NJ. We like to live by a “play your way” motto in regards to summer camp. We allow our campers to craft their own weekly schedules so we’re always ensuring summer is spent doing what they are interested in. Our campus and staff make this possible by offering a ton of electives to choose from. From sports focused activities like baseball, basketball, and soccer to creative pursuits like drama, model making, and drawing classes, we offer many pursuits for campers to tackle. 

Additionally, campers are provided with a balanced, nutritious lunch every day at camp. We’re ready to serve picky eaters and those with allergies too. Kids can also grab healthy snacks from the Snack Shack if they need a mid-day pick me up too. 

Our Summer Day Camp Serves Cranbury, NJ

The town of Cranbury is home to a small population of just under 4,000 residents. It also borders the town of East Windsor, NJ. Originating in 1698, Cranbury has become a great place to raise your kids. If you live in Cranbury and are on the hunt for a summer camp, consider us at Black Bear Lake Day Camp. Contact us if you have any questions!