Directors & Leadership

Our year-round team has a full time passion for Black Bear Lake Day Camp. They work hard 10 months a year to give our campers 8 weeks of the BEST SUMMER EVER! They are responsible for all of the planning that is needed for every facet of the camp day, ensuring that you receive exceptional customer service along the way.

Black Bear Lake families feel comfortable knowing the same extraordinary people are here to take care of their children year after year



At Black Bear Since 2010

Simply put…Ian is camp and camp is Ian. He began his career as a camper, counselor, Division Leader and administrator at a traditional day camp in New Jersey. Ian has only missed 2 summers at camp since he was 3 years old! He takes pride in his hands on approach to camping. His personal leadership and spirit is reflected in Black Bear Lake’s rich traditions, extraordinary staff, and quality program. Ian is an active member of the American Camp Association and regularly attends and participates in industry events and conferences in order to find ways to further improve the camp experience. Ian graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Economics and a focus on Business Management and Entrepreneurship. He lives in Howell with his wife Dara, whom he met at summer camp!

Ian loves talking to new families, current families, alumni, staff and ANYONE who wants to discuss camp!



Administrative Director

At Black Bear Since 2012

Jenn is the voice on the other end of the phone when you call camp. She began working at BBL in 2012 as the Transportation Director. More recently, Jenn serves as the camp office manager and coordinator, as well as overseeing all camp communication and registration. Staffing and staff training rounds out her ever growing list of camp tasks. Jenn has grown to understand the true power of camp.

Jenn, Office Manager


Activities Coordinator

At Black Bear Since 2021

Kevin found his love of camping as a Cub Scout nearly 30 years ago. He started his camp staff career as a counselor-in-training at a resident camp. Since then, Kevin has worked as a counselor, lifeguard, swim instructor, boating instructor, aquatics director, and program director over the last 20 summers. His favorite spots in camp are the pool and the lake. Kevin joins he Black Bear Lake team in 2021 as the Special Events Coordinator. His goal is to make sure that every day of camp offers something new and unique for campers. In the “off-season” Kevin teaches Science at Kreps Middle School, where he also coaches track and builds the scenery for the school’s musical. It was on an end-of-year trip with his 8th graders that he first visited Black Bear Lake. Kevin and his wife, Amanda, live in East Windsor.


Specialist Coordinator

At Black Bear Since 2003

Emilie joined the Black Bear Lake family in 2003 as a Group Leader within the Cub Division. After 4 years, she was promoted to Assistant Division Leader in Lower Camp and eventually Lower Camp Division Leader. After a small hiatus, Emilie returned to Black Bear Lake in 2013 as Cub Division Leader and remained in that role until 2018 before spending one summer as an Upper Camp Division Leader. We are happy to announce that Emilie has now transitioned to Specialist Coordinator. You can always see Emilie smiling as she walks around camp! She loves to watch the campers learn new skills as they participate in their electives around camp. Emilie currently lives in Freehold with her husband Rob, a Black Bear Lake alumni, and two children whom both attend camp. Her favorite part of working at Black Bear Lake is meeting lifelong friends who become family.


Facility Manager

At Black Bear Since 2020

Tom joined the Black Bear Lake family in 2020 with a lifetime’s worth of experience in both commercial and residential construction. His relationship with Ian goes back to the 7 years he served as the Facility Director at the same private day camp. Tom also has 20+ years’ experience as the Owner/Operator of a local soccer camp servicing both Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Tom works hand in hand with Ian and his dedicated team of workers and contractors on improving the facility in every aspect possible. He lives in Brick with his wife Lorraine. His 3 children attended and worked as counselors at day camp. Tom is very grateful for the experience his children had at summer camp.

Tom, Facility Manager


Assistant Facility Manager

At Black Bear Since 2022

Greg joined the Black Bear family in 2022. He graduated from the University of Delaware, served in law enforcement for 14 years and worked as a carpenter gaining knowledge and experience in numerous trades. At Black Bear Lake, Greg coordinates with Ian and his team and uses his contracting experience in the field to make camp an enjoyable experience. Greg enjoys being part of the Black Bear team and camp culture.

Tom, Facility Manager


Transportation Director

At Black Bear Since 2021

Growing up in Brooklyn, camp was not familiar to Nancy. When she and her family moved to Manalapan, it seemed all she was ever asked was “what camp do your kids go to?” Thanks to a good friend, she was invited to join them for an open house at BBL. It was the first camp Nancy had ever seen. It was love at first site! She knew that not only did her two young children need to be a part of the camp culture, but so did she.

Tom, Facility Manager


Division Leader
At Black Bear Since 2018

My favorite part of camp is making lifelong friendship and watching my kids do the same.

DID YOU KNOW…I met my husband 15 years ago teaching and now we spend our summers together at camp.

Division Leader
At Black Bear Since 2000

My favorite part of camp is having the opportunity to join campers during group choice, electives, or special event. Jumping into the Gaga pit (not knowing all the rules) and playing a game or two with 15 energized lower campers is just one that comes to mind.

DID YOU KNOW… I have lived on 3 continents.

Division Leader
At Black Bear Since 2004

My favorite part of camp is the campers and co-workers.

DID YOU KNOW…I was supposed to get married on a cruise in Bermuda. Because of a hurricane we got married in Canada.

Division Leader
At Black Bear Since 2005

My favorite part of camp is seeing all the new and returning campers each summer and experiencing the new activities that camp has to offer every year.

DID YOU KNOW…my birthday is on April Fool’s Day

Division Leader
At Black Bear Since 2015

Favorite Part of Camp: The spirit that Senior Camp always has every day at Camp! It is infectious!

DID YOU KNOW…I lived in NYC for a while.

Division Leader
At Black Bear Since 2016

Favorite Part of Camp: Watching each group compete to make the best Yacht or Knot boat to race across the pool.

DID YOU KNOW…I have jumped out of an airplane twice!

“Fun” Mayo
Division Leader
At Black Bear Since 2003

My favorite part of camp is seeing all of the happy/sad faces at the end of the camp season because it shows how much they loved being there/how much they’ll miss it.

DID YOU KNOW… I was the first one in my family born in NJ

Division Leader
At Black Bear Since 2007

My favorite part of camp is


Pool Supervisor
At Black Bear Since 2018

Favorite part of camp is the friendships that are created along with the bonds camper form and watching them get stronger each summer!

DID YOU KNOW…I have lived in 5 different states and have traveled to 31 of the United States. One of my goals is to travel every state.

At Black Bear Since 1995

My favorite part of camp is doing Zumba with campers and staff Week 8!

DID YOU KNOW…I am a Girl Scouts leader in Manalapan


Our kids had a great time this year. Thanks to BBL’s amazingly talented leadership and staff, my kids always come home with smile!BBL Parent