Special Events & Trips

Special Events

At Black Bear Lake, daily Special Events bring even more excitement to our already action-packed summer program. From College Days to Color War, and from Filthy Friday to Anything Can Happen Thursday, all of our ‘special’ programs keep campers excited about coming to camp all summer long. Special events are a treasured and unique part of the Black Bear Lake Day Camp tradition. All summer long, campers look forward to these popular events which help make the BBL summer experience unlike any other. Our Special Events Calendar is released each spring. There is NOTHING LIKE a Black Bear Lake summer! Not sure what the Special Event is at camp? Our camp calendar has you covered! Come experience the incredible with us!
Our 2021 Special Event Calendar can be found below


Trips are planned for Upper Camp (7th & 8th Graders) and STEP (9th and 10th graders). Our trips are all age appropriate and change as the campers get older. This keeps the trips fresh each year and gives campers something to look forward to as they grow up in camp. Whereas most camps charge additional fees for offsite trips, all Black Bear Lake trips are included in camp tuition.

Trips for Grades 7-8

Upper Camp

(Entering 7th & 8th Grade)

Staff leading a camp meeting

Trips for Grades 9-10


(Entering 9th & 10th Grade)