Leadership Approach At Black Bear Lake Day Camp

The summer camp experience is all about having fun, making new friends, and trying new activities. And while the campus and accommodations may also come to mind when considering what makes a summer camp exceptional, it’s truly the staff that can make or break a camper’s experience.

At Black Bear Lake Day Camp, we pride ourselves on the quality of our fine staff and how integral they are to making life-long camp memories for our campers. Read on to learn more about our unique leadership approach and why it’s so important.

Why are Quality Camp Leaders Important?

Camp staff is the backbone of summer camp. These are just a few of their responsibilities that are essential to the operations of a fun and safe summer camp:

  • Act as mentors: Campers look up to staff and often model their behavior after them. Staff (especially camp counselors) act as role models and are an important part of a camper’s personal growth during the summer.
  • Organize activities: Camp staff ensures the camp operates smoothly and on schedule. Not only do they have a hand in organizing fun activities, but they also usher kids throughout the day to make sure they are sticking to the schedule (no matter how loose or rigid it may be).
  • Keep campers safe: Camp staff is often responsible for the safety of campers. They are vigilant to make sure no one will get hurt and are also well-versed in solving interpersonal conflicts.
  • Have fun: At the end of the day, camp staff is also ambassadors for fun. Their energy and spirit are contagious and help to set the tone for the rest of the summer. They help campers have fun through activities and icebreakers and always take the time to ensure that every camper enjoys their time at camp.


Qualities of Great Camp Counselors

  • Communication skills: Camp staff have to effectively communicate with each other, parents, and campers throughout the summer.
  • Time-management: Counselors must be conscious of time and schedules to ensure campers are where they need to be throughout the day.
  • Organization: There are a lot of moving parts that make summer camps run smoothly. Staff must be organized to help manage them.
  • Patience: Camp counselors should be patient since they are often working with kids and teens who are still developing and have unique challenges to overcome.
  • Compassion: Compassionate camp staff help ensure that everyone is having a fun summer.
  • Problem-solving abilities: Camp counselors need to think on their feet and solve problems as they arise.
  • Creativity: Creative camp staff help make the summer memorable with their enthusiasm and ideas to improve activities.
  • Initiative: Though many camp counselors work under more senior staff, everyone must be comfortable taking initiative to ensure campers have an engaging and safe summer.


Our Leadership Approach

At Black Bear Lake Day Camp, our leadership isn’t left up to chance. At the top level of our staffing flowchart are Division Leaders. This exceptionally talented and experienced group of camp professionals are dedicated to the enrichment of children by providing an unforgettable camp experience.

These Division Leaders cover our various age divisions, from nursery and pre-K all the way through the STEP Division of 9th and 10th graders. This divide and conquer leadership strategy is effective because, collectively, the Division Leaders at Black Bear Lake Day Camp have over 80 years of experience working at the camp!

Every age group has an incredibly experienced and capable leader spearheading their division. The leader’s years of camp experience are unmatched and mean they have the knowledge and expertise to cater their leadership style and activities to each specific age division. Though this may appear as a top-heavy approach to camp leadership, we have seen time and time again how it offers the absolute highest level of supervision in camping today – something that is appreciated by campers and parents alike.

Division leaders work closely with all members of the camp community to ensure the care of the campers and the quality of Black Bear Lake Day Camp programs are second to none. And in our ongoing quest to be the best, we have initiated an additional layer of communication with our camp families. We have asked our Division Leaders to randomly make phone calls to families in their respective divisions as part of a Quality Control Check. This unique outreach program ensured that we are meeting, and hopefully exceeding the expectations of our camp families.

About Black Bear Lake Day Camp

At Black Bear Lake Day Camp, we know that the quality of our staff can make the camp experience that much better for everyone involved. Our summer camp programs are always tailored by staff and counselors to meet the physical and developmental needs of each specific age group. We offer exciting summer camp programs for ages 3-15 that are led by our carefully screened camp staff and offered in four to eight-week sessions.

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