Experience BBL SKY CLIMB — New for 2023!

Outdoor Adventure is one of Black Bear Lake’s most popular activities for campers of all ages! Our progressive facilities and certified instructors give campers the opportunity to experience non-stop fun that is both safe and appropriate for their age and skill level! New in 2023, our BBL SKY CLIMB allows campers of all ages to traverse through the trees without the need of a harness and belay.

Ropes courses are incredibly popular these days, and for good reason. They are a wonderful tool for team building, confidence boosting, and having fun! As you already know, summer camp is filled with fun-filled activities through which your kids can learn numerous skills and experiences. The BBL SKY CLIMB is no different either, as it keeps your child in great shape, and provides several benefits from both physical and mental aspects. Our new adventure cube ropes course allows all campers to progress from introductory elements to more challenging elements for the most adventurous campers. Beginning with exploration campers will develop confidence and balance. As their confidence builds, they will be challenged with longer course elements. As they develop more skills, they will really elevate their program, up to 20 feet! Eventually they may want to conquer their fears by experiencing the full course with the famous leap of faith.

Campers will enjoy making progress and experiencing the excitement of participating with their friends as they all develop their flexibility, balance, and strength.