Summer Camp Near Middletown, New Jersey

At Black Bear Lake Day Camp, we understand the importance of providing day camp programs that appeal to a child’s sense of fun, but perhaps even more importantly his or her personal development. That’s why we offer day camp programs for kids from Pre-K through grade 10 that are tailored to the interests of our campers along with their capabilities to create an experience they aren’t soon to forget.

We take pride in ensuring there’s truly something for everyone to love about Black Bear Lake Day Camp, so much so that our campers are given the opportunity to choose their own schedule for their time with us! This exercise empowers campers to be more independent by choosing to explore new interests and/or keep honing their skills in areas they enjoy. We offer over 70 electives spanning everything from arts and craft to sports, so campers can build a truly unique weekly schedule.

Black Bear Lake Day Camp sits on 42-acres of picturesque woodlands and countryside as well as a stunning 5-acre lake that is perfect for water sports and swimming. The stunning natural setting makes for the perfect place for our campers to have fun and make life-long friendships along the way!

Summer Camp Near Middletown, New Jersey

Our summer day camp happily lends our day camp services to the families and children of Middletown, New Jersey, including transportation.

Middletown is also located in Monmouth County, and boasts a population of roughly 67,000 residents. If you’re currently living in Middletown, NJ, and are researching nearby summer day camps, please consider us here at Black Bear Lake! If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to contact us.