Summer Camp Serving Toms River, NJ

The charming township of Toms River sits on a beautiful coastline. Though it has a population of 600,000, this town has been one of the fastest growing in the state. This means many new children and families in the area will be looking for a great place to send their kids to summer camp. If you’re one of those people, look no further than Black Bear Lake Day Camp! We’re a local camp just a quick drive from Toms River Township.

Black Bear Lake

At Black Bear Lake, we pride ourselves on giving kids a summer camp experience they’ll always remember. When kids attend our camp, they are attending the camp of choice. Our daily schedule allows them to design and create their own schedules from plenty of exciting, age-appropriate activities. Our philosophy is to give your child a place to grow, learn new skills, have fun, and make new friends.

We serve kids from Pre-K through Grade 10, so there’s something for everyone to love at Black Bear Lake! Our campers are divided into different age divisions.
The highlight of every camper’s day, though, is the electives. Part of our Progressive Program, campers choose from over 70 electives to build their weekly schedule. From sports to arts & crafts to academics, we have a slew of electives on offer for kids to build their schedules. When you give campers the choice on how they want to spend their day, they embrace camp much more than being told what to do with their time.


Besides our programs and electives, Black Bear Lake offers delicious food every day to all campers. Every meal is well balanced, nutritious, and kid friendly. And, we can accommodate our menu for campers with food allergies! Some favorite meals are Hoagie Day, Pizza, and Mac and Cheese.

Our older students can go on special off-camp trips to the local area! 7th-8th Graders and STEP campers have ventured off campus to go to local places in our neighboring towns—including Tom River Township. The trips change every summer but can include the beach, shops, and other fun activities.

And, we have Special Events every week that the entire camp participates in! Some past favorites have been College Days, Color War, and Filthy Friday. They’re a surprise every week and it’s always a great place for campers to come together, bond, and make new friends.

Easy Transportation from Tom River Township

As if everything mentioned above wasn’t enough, we also have a bus transportation service that makes camp accessible to all local children.

These buses are safe, convenient and enjoyable. From a professional bus company, they have air conditioning, seat belts, tracking technology, and professional, certified bus drivers. Plus, our bus counselors ride with the students to make sure they are safe and sound the entire ride.

And the best part is, transportation is included in tuition! Just bring your camper to our closest Hub Stop to you, and we’ll pick them up or drop them off each day. You can also add Door to Door transportation to your tuition for a small additional cost. Regardless of how they get here, though, your camper will be close by and having the time of their life.

Sign Up Today

f you live in Tom River Township and are looking to get your child enrolled in summer camp, sign up for Black Bear Lake! We’re ready to give your child the best summer experience they’ve ever had. Spots are filling quickly, so don’t miss your chance!

If you need a little more convincing, check out our website or contact us to schedule a tour of our camp! We can’t wait to show you the place we call our summer home and answer any questions you may have.