The Best Summer Camp For Monroe Township

Monroe Township, NJ

The charming township of Monroe sits advantageously on the outskirts of New York City, only a quick ride from the bustling metropolis. On the other hand, it’s only a short distance away from the ocean, beautiful green parks, and best of all—Black Bear Lake day camp!

We’re a local camp just a quick drive from Monroe Township. Over the years, many campers have come from this town and had a blast with us during our summer programs. Your camper could be one of them!

History of Monroe Township

Originally inhabited by Lenape Native Americans, Monroe Township got its name from James Monroe, former United States president. For many decades, this land was a farming community. As the years passed, it’s become a thriving suburban area full of families, schools, and children.

Though it only has a population of 48,000, this town is becoming one of the fastest to grow residentially. That means new families like yours are coming here and having more kids. And in order for children to grow and develop healthy lives, they need outdoor interaction with other kids. There’s no shortage of that at Black Bear Lake!

Black Bear Lake Day Camp

When kids attend Black Bear Lake, they get to make their own choices. Our Progressive Program allows them to pick from a variety of electives to create their own schedules. These activities range from sports like baseball to traditional crafts to crazy trapezes! Exposure to a variety of activities in a team environment gives children a chance to make independent choices and experience novel situations. This supports their personal development in a fun and exciting way!

Besides electives, campers get to enjoy delicious food, special events, our all-inclusive waterfront, and build new friendships with their peers and our fun-loving staff. Rest assured, they will be in the best of hands and have the best time here!

Easy Transportation from Monroe Township

We also have a bus transportation service that makes camp accessible to all local children—including kids living in Monroe Township!

These buses are safe, convenient and enjoyable, equipped by a professional bus company with air conditioning, seat belts, and tracking technology. We ensure that a professional, certified bus driver is at the wheel, accompanied by one of our camp counselors, who rides with the students to make sure they are safe and sound from curb to camp.

Also, tuition includes transportation! Just bring your camper to our closest Hub Stop to you, and we’ll pick them up or drop them off each day. You can also add Door to Door transportation to your tuition for a small additional cost.

Learn More About Black Bear Lake

Black Bear Lake is the perfect summer day camp for all children living in Monroe Township! By sending your child here, you’re going to give your child the best summer experience they’ve ever had.

Check out our website or contact us to schedule a tour of our camp to learn more. We will gladly show you around and answer any questions you may have.