2019 Week 2 Newsletter

Oh Hi!

Black Bear Lake has always prided itself on the quality of its fine staff. At the top level of our staffing flow chart are our Division Leaders. This is a group of exceptionally talented and experienced camp professionals completely dedicated to the enrichment of children through the camp experience.

The staffing model here at Black Bear Lake has 10 Division Leaders that cover our various age divisions. Erica & Elyse lead the Cub & Jr. Cub Division (Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten), Colette and Gabe cover Lower Camp (1st and 2nd Grade) while Alycia and Marisa lead Junior Camp (3rd and 4th Grade). Mike P. heads up Senior Camp (5th and 6th Grade) with Josh & Emilie covering our Upper Camp (7th & 8th Grade). “Fun” Mayo rounds out the pack of Division Leaders overseeing our LIT and CIT Division (9th and 10th Grade). Ours is a divide and conquer leadership strategy. Collectively, our Division Leaders have over 80 years of experience at Black Bear Lake! A truly amazing amount of camp experience, unmatched in all of camping.

Every age division has an incredibly experienced and capable person who’s responsibilities are focused on that specific age division. Top heavy? Maybe…But we feel it offers us the absolute highest level of professional supervision in camping today… Our Division Leaders work very closely with me to ensure that the care of our children and the quality of our programs are second to none!

In our ongoing quest to be the best, we have initiated an additional layer of communication with our camp families. We have asked our Division Leaders to randomly make phone calls to families in their respective divisions as part of a Quality Control Check. The concept is to create an outreach program to ensure that we are meeting, and hopefully exceeding, the expectations of our camp families.

Yours in camping,