Our Favorite Summer Camp Activities at Black Bear Lake

While it’s our goal to encourage our campers to grow and experiment outside of their comfort zones, we also want them to have an incredible amount of fun every summer. The best way to achieve that is to offer a large assortment of activities and electives for kids to partake in. From classic camp offerings like archery, arts and crafts, and general athletics to more unique ventures such as lake waterpark, trampoline, and yoga, we have something for every camper who steps onto the Black Bear grounds. 

Want to learn more about some of the best summer camp activities we have here at Black Bear Lake Day Camp? Dive in below. 

Lake Waterpark 

Summer is the best time for taking a nice, cool dip wouldn’t you agree? Thankfully, we have an enormous 5-acre lake that’s private to the Black Bear grounds. Lake Waterpark turns the lake into an aquatic playground complete with water trampolines, a climbable inflatable barrier we’ve dubbed The Cliff, and monkey bars. 

While Lake Waterpark is all about having a good time, it’s also good for improving overall swimming skills and strengthening the body. If your child loves having a great time while also living in the water, Lake Waterpark should be right up their alley. 


As home to the Garden State Trampoline Academy, the campers at Black Bear Lake are given access to the trampolines during their time with us. The facility provides four in-ground Olympic size trampolines, in addition to a double mini-trampoline. We like to refer to our trampoline activities as “gymnastic light”, as campers will learn how to flip and tumble. 

Trampolines is a great activity for getting kids active. They are often having such a great time with other campers bouncing around that they don’t realize just how much energy they are exerting. This is a great activity for getting kids to realize that you can still have a lot of fun while being active. 


A classic camp pastime, archery is all about focus and precision. It’s also a very cool skill to learn in general. Our counselors will be hands-on the entire time to ensure all goes according to safety protocols as well. Through discipline and practice, campers will learn how to become adept with a bow and arrow. 

While this is a less physically intense activity, it engages an entirely different set of skills. For one, it teaches proper breathing control. Erratic breathing will only make your accuracy worse so archery serves as a way to practice calm, slow breathing techniques. While archery doesn’t require running or jumping, it does require a clear mind and focus which are two invaluable skills to have as our campers continue to grow. 

Horseback Riding

Learning to ride and care for horses is one of the more gentle activities we offer here at Black Bear Lake, and campers of all experience levels are welcome. Those just starting out will not only learn how to ride around on a horse comfortably in smaller enclosures but also learn how to care and groom the horses as well. More experienced campers will be able to explore 10 scenic trails while also grooming and caring for the horses. 

Creating a connection with an animal not only helps campers feel more responsible but it also increases their empathy. Our horses are fantastically gentle and it’s lovely seeing our campers make meaningful connections with them. In addition to that, learning how to ride a horse is a great skill and can be rather relaxing as you trot along the charming trails. 

Enjoy Summer Day Camp at Black Bear Lake

Regardless of the activities you choose, summer camp here is all about learning something new, having fun, refining your skills, and getting yourself out of your comfort zone. We have something in store for every camper, so take a look at everything we have to offer. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in camp, please get in touch with us!