3 Life Lessons Learned at Summer Camp

Summer camp is many things. For one, it keeps kids active in a time where they typically slump. Two, it introduces them to new people and situations. There’s a lot to love about camp in the short term but both parents and children sometimes don’t look at the broader benefits camp provides, and the long term impact it has on children who attend. 

The lessons learned at camp are ones that typically stick around for many years after the child has moved on and these life lessons are super impactful to their overall development. Let’s take a look at some of the core life lessons summer camp provides and dig deeper into why they are so beneficial. 


At the end of the day, camp is all about learning. It’s about exploring activities, anything from arts to sports, you already enjoy as well as dipping your toes into something you might not be so familiar with. Getting kids out of their comfort zone, in the best way possible, is a big part of what we do here at Black Bear Lake. Being open to new things is incredibly important as one gets older and sparkings kids’ curiosity about the world at a young age helps make them a more well-rounded individual in the long run. 

The same can be said for learning about others and, more importantly, learning about yourself. Being exposed to a wide range of personalities at camp allows kids a greater social edge as they head into the next school year and beyond. While learning about yourself is a long process, diving into your likes, dislikes, hopes, and dreams at a young age only helps you chart a clearer course throughout the rest of your life. 


While children do get to return home at the end of every day here at Black Bear Lake, that doesn’t mean they don’t learn the true value of self-reliance at camp. Being able to guide yourself and know what is required of you without having your parents remind you to do this, that, and the next thing is one of the biggest parts of growing up. 

Being exposed to that responsibility at a young age, with the help of our excellent staff, allows kids to become more self-sufficient and comfortable with the responsibility of taking care of themselves. 


With self-sufficiency comes responsibility, practically hand in hand. While you do learn to become more responsible for yourself while at camp, in areas such as keeping all your stuff together for the day and knowing how to carry yourself, you also learn how to be responsible for others. 

This is a key lesson as caring for others and knowing when you’re needed is a major part of life. At camp, there’s a strong sense of community and connectedness. As a cog in the community, you want to ensure everyone else is doing well. When you learn to take responsibility for yourself and others while at camp, you’re setting yourself up for more positive relationships as you grow older. 

Become a Well-Rounded Individual at Black Bear Lake

Learning these life lessons at camp isn’t only impactful in the short term but also in the long term. These lessons aren’t ones that fade away over the weekend or after camp is over for the summer, instead, they linger and evolve as you get older and make your way through life. Come grow with us this summer!