Black Bear Lake is Now Hiring!

Black Bear Lake is hiring for Summer 2022! Located in the Millstone Township of New Jersey, our campus is a beautiful 40 acres of fun. We have a water park, boats, horses, trapezes, rock climbing walls, and more for our signature Elective activities. And we have hundreds of campers come through our gates every year! 

However, it takes an incredible staff of extraordinary people to make camp run smoothly every summer. Could you be one of those people? Here’s a little snapshot of what you will do while working for Black Bear Lake Camp.

You’ll Make A Difference

Working at Black Bear Lake is rewarding to every staff member, from lifeguards to maintenance workers. Here, you get to work with your peers outside! From the woods to the pool, rain or shine, everyone at camp is immersed in the great outdoors. 

Your work will directly impact the lives of our campers no matter what position you take. Yes, we aren’t just looking for counselors! We need a variety of skill sets and talents for many different job positions this summer. Here are just a few:

Athletic Specialists: Do you currently play a sport or have experience coaching one? Black Bear Lake has dozens of sport activities including Basketball, Baseball, Softball, and more! You could take your passion for your favorite sport and use it to help campers discover their own. You’ll teach them both the techniques and rules of the game, as well as the spirit of the sport: teamwork, determination, and fun.

Creative Specialists: If you have a passion for Drama, Dance, Pottery, Cooking, Gymnastics, or another creative art, we have a job for you. Our creative Electives need staff members who love what they do and can teach their skills to campers. By passing on your knowledge and passion, you may be raising the actors, performers, and artists of tomorrow!  

Waterfront and Pool: Do you love the water? Could you stay outside in the sun all day? Our three heated pools and 5-acre lake need staff members to help our campers safely enjoy the water. You could teach them boating, fishing, or swimming, among other skills. Or, we can even train you to become a Certified Red Cross lifeguard! 

There are all kinds of openings here at camp. Whatever your passion or skill is, you can put it to good use here by adding value to your own life and the lives of others. 

 You’ll Become a Leader

Leadership is the most important attribute of everyone who works at Black Bear Lake. No matter what position you take, the campers will be watching and looking up to you. Staff members define the culture and experience of camp for the campers. That’s why every staff member will be able to have ongoing leadership training at camp. 

Leaders at camp have several responsibilities: acting as mentors, organizing activities, keeping campers safe…but also having fun. Being a good leader requires excellent communication skills, time management, patience, compassion, and creativity. None of these traits or skills come by chance, so Black Bear Lake works so hard to ensure our staff is the best of the best.

At the top level of our staff are Division Leaders. These experienced employees have over 80 years of camp experience between them. Their sole purpose of enriching the campers’ experience and helping you grow your leadership skills. They work closely with all members of our camp community to make sure you have everything you need to have the best possible experience. 

Having this extra layer of leadership has become a hallmark of the quality of life at Black Bear Lake. Campers and parents alike are counting on us to do our best. Learning how to lead by watching others may be the best way to grow in your skills. But the next important step is to exercise leadership yourself. You’ll interact with campers every day, and every exchange is a chance to encourage, teach, and grow. And you’ll have your peers and leaders to help you every step of the way. 

You’ll Learn Life Lessons

Leadership is an amazing skill because you can take it with you wherever you go next after Black Bear Lake. But it won’t be the only thing you’ll learn here. After all, camp is where we learn the most valuable lessons about life: cooperation, trying new things, making new friends…and of course, having fun. 

While your previous skills will come in handy for your job here, you’ll have the chance to meet people from all over the country in your peer staff members. You can learn new skills from them, or develop new things about yourself. Confidence, curiosity, and more amazing things await you at camp.  

We’ve watched shy new staffers become camp icons in a single summer. And every year, we always have a host of returning staff who campers can’t wait to see again. As much fun as our campers may have playing sports or making crafts, it’s the people they meet here that they will remember the most. We get calls from campers and parents about their favorite staff members all the time. 

Anyone who’s willing to work hard and put in the effort can accomplish things they never thought possible. That’s what camp is all about! Challenge yourself to become the leader the campers need and the person you dreamed you could be. 

Work at Black Bear Lake

Are you ready to make an impact, learn life lessons, and become a leader? Black Bear Lake is the place for you to work this summer! We’re hiring for a variety of positions from any background. Start your application below, and we’ll be in touch soon! We can’t wait to work with you.