Team Sports at Black Bear Lake

From soccer to baseball to basketball, your camper will savor their time spent sporting in the sun!

Black Bear Lake offers many amazing activities as a part of our Electives Program. This feature is a core part of our camp philosophy, where campers get to play their way by choosing their summer camp schedule. Every Monday, campers and their parents pick a few activities to try for the week. They can choose the same every time, or branch out into different categories like fine arts, water sports, and more.

One of our biggest categories of electives, however, is our sports! They’re a camp classic, bringing passionate children together to practice teamwork, technique, and have a terrific time. Of all the sports electives we offer, though, three stand apart as our most popular: Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer.

These sports are in such high demand that we’ve expanded each to offer clinics. This lets more campers enjoy the sport, and lets us teach more skills to those interested in improving their game. But every single elective is just as wildly fun! Check out what your camper will do if they choose one of these sports as an elective this summer.

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Black Bear Lake has two regulation-sized baseball fields on site! Each has its own set of batting cages, bullpens, dugouts, and clubhouses for cooling off. The Baseball elective allows four large teams to play two different games at the same time. This elective is usually the most leisurely of the three Baseball activities. Campers are here just to play ball and have fun! 

Coaches can assign or pick teams to balance skill levels so the teams are evenly matched. Rules are carefully explained and monitored to ensure everyone stays within the boundaries but still has a fun time. Running around the bases under the warm summer sun while hitting home runs…no wonder this is one of our favorite electives! 

Baseball Clinic

In our Baseball Clinic, players get to take their skills to the next level. Our specialists will teach them to improve techniques like throwing, catching, fielding, hitting, running, and more. And of course, they’ll work alongside their teammates to improve coordination, strategy, and teamwork. In our extensive facilities, they’ll feel like the next MLB players!

Baseball Pitching

Of course, the most important skill in baseball might just be pitching. That’s what campers will practice during our Baseball Pitching elective! Our most experienced staff manage this activity, giving your camper the most expert care. They’ll learn all about the different kinds of pitchers, from starter pitchers to relief pitchers to lefty pitchers, and more. Not only will campers learn which pitcher they are, but will excel to become the best they can be. 


With two custom courts, a professional scoreboard, and brand new equipment, how could any camper not enjoy our Basketball elective? Every day, campers gather and get into teams so they can play their favorite game with their new camp friends. Our coaches supervise every game, making sure the rules are followed and everyone is safe while having fun.

If campers want, they can also learn some soft skills about the sport, such as how to do an alley-oop or what it means to block-out. But overall, this elective is about enjoying a friendly game of basketball.

Basketball Clinic

Our Basketball Clinic, however, is where we get down to business. Our excellent coaches teach campers how to perfect their dribbling, passing, ball handling, and shooting. They’ll even get the chance to practice some jump shots, layups, and free throws. And of course, they’ll work with their fellow campers on cooperation, strategy plays, and team spirit. Maybe there’s a future professional basketball player in your camper!


Soccer is a legendary sport. Loved around the world by people of all ages and backgrounds, it’s no wonder our campers love playing this elective together. Black Bear Lake has a regulation-sized soccer field, perfect for a great game of soccer! The fresh green grass of the natural turf is hard to resist. 

Anyone can play these co-ed games, too. Our coaches do an excellent job of making sure everyone gets a chance to play with others around the same skill set as them. No cleats are necessary either! Just have your camper bring themselves, some clothes to play in, and a great attitude!

Soccer Clinic

Our Soccer Clinic elective focuses more on sharpening skills and honing techniques. Our staff has many experienced soccer specialists. They will show your campers how to run drills and build up their endurance for running across a field all day. They’ll get to practice dribbling, passing, and shooting goals. And, they’ll learn how to work well with their teammates and create new plays for a game-winning strategy. We recommend cleats for this elective so your camper can pursue their dreams of winning the World Cup!

You can learn more about all of these electives and the rest of our activities by requesting a brochure for our 2022 summer season.

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Is your camper a passionate lover of soccer, baseball, or basketball? Then these electives are definitely for them! Is your camper new to sports or looking for a great way to make friends? Bonding with friends in a team environment is a great way to learn leadership skills and work on social skills. 

Black Bear Lake is the perfect place for your child to spend their summer, especially with our many fun electives to choose from. Check out our dates and rates so you can enroll for Summer 2022 today! If you need more convincing, we recommend you come to visit our campus in the Millstone Township of New Jersey. Our campus is a beautiful 40 acres of fun with a water park, boats, horses, trapezes, rock climbing walls, and more! Request a private camp tour today—or better yet, come to our next open house so you can see our camp for yourself! We can’t wait to meet you!