Letter from a Camper: Black Bear Camp: Simply the Best

Here at Black Bear Camp, We love hearing from our past and present campers ! Here is a school essay written by Eric M.

Once Summer time rolls around and the heat has set in, you do not want to get stuck inside at home bored to tears. Instead, try out Black Bear Camp-the best camp around!

One reason Black Bear Camp is the best camp is because you can make new friends while you are there. One place you can make new friends is within your own group. Another place you can make new friends is when you go to the different electives. You also can make new friends during daily trips to the lake and pool.

Another reason Black Bear Camp is the best is because you can choose what you do each day. You can pick from a variety of electives. Some electives you can choose from are horseback riding, baseball, cooking, art, or outside adventures on the rock wall. You could also pick one of my favorites-trampoline!

Lastly, Black Bear camp is the best camp because of COLOR WAR!! In Color War, the camp gets divided into 2 teams-the green team and the white team. The teams compete against each other to earn points. One of the competitions is Bucket Brigade. Another competition is Sing where songs are made up about camp and they are performed in front of everyone. There is also a huge relay race between the 2 teams. The team with the most points at the end of Color War wins!

So if you want to make new friends, like to participate in a bunch of different fun activities, and love a good friendly competition like Color War, then Black Bear Camp is simply the best camp for it all!

Eric M. 3rd Grade Student