Black Bear Lake Offers Transportation

Camp begins the moment your child steps foot on the bus each morning! The ride to camp is a great time for your child to bond with friends and get excited for their fun-filled day at Black Bear Lake. In addition to the driver, each bus is supervised by a bus counselor who keeps your camper safe while the driver focuses on driving.

Black Bear Lake’s modern fleet of school buses is carefully routed to ensure the shortest ride to and from camp each day. Our drivers are mature professionals who drive children to school and camp all year round and do not work outside at camp all day long. Each bus is also staffed with highly trained bus counselors who ensure that each bus ride is both safe and fun. Each bus is driven by a professional CDL-certified, career school bus driver – counselors do not drive campers.

Our safe, fun, and well-organized transportation service is supervised by our Transportation Director whose sole responsibility is the safe transport of your child to and from camp each day.

Camp begins as soon as we pick up your child in the morning and ends when we drop your child in the afternoon. Our buses are equipped with air conditioning and seat belts. Child seats are available for those campers who need them as well. Each bus will have a bus counselor checking every camper to make sure their seat belt is on. An adult must be outside with the camper in the morning and waiting at drop off in the afternoon.

Our bus drivers focus on driving safely to camp while the bus counselor will interact with your child on the bus. The bus counselor will escort your child on the bus and make sure their seat belt is on before the bus moves. Bus counselors also escort your child off the bus.