Show Off your Carpentry Skills at Black Bear Lake

Summer camp is oftentimes the place kids and teens learn new skills or get exposure to activities they’ve never done before. Black Bear Lake is one place that provides a gateway to novel experiences and activities making space for children to make lifelong friendships and extraordinary memories. 

Our camp counselors are specially trained on how to teach a workshop that gives kids hands-on experience building and fabricating materials using wood and tools. Directors and counselors are equipped and supported throughout their woodshop teaching journeys and provided all the provisions to lead exceptional classes. And because woodworking is rarely taught in schools now, Black Bear Lake is proudly keeping the art alive and seizing the opportunity to give campers a connection to a craft that’s been around since the dawn of civilization.

At Black Bear Lake, we provide all the construction materials and accessories needed to put counselors and campers to task. Some of our bigger woodworking projects include hand-crafting benches, tool boxes, foot stools, and birdhouses. The larger hands-on crafts might require more team effort and allow for camaraderie, while the other fun woodworking projects may give a camper more room to flex their personal creativity.

Some of the more unique woodworking projects can be useful around the house, too, like a cellphone holder/stand, a lamp in the shape of a dog, a tablet holder, trophy rack, napkin holder or towel rack. And the craftiness doesn’t stop at wood–we’re pulling out all the stops (as well as the paints) to give campers even more room for creativity and put an artistic, personalized stamp on their project. Emphasizing that woodworking is an art is only reinforced by giving campers the opportunity to paint and score their unfinished wooden pieces.

Campers can get so much more out of woodworking than just learning how to use tools and assemble wooden items – they learn problem solving skills through teamwork and build their confidence by taking control of their handywork.

Woodworking at summer camp is one of the most beloved pastimes of our childhoods. Our campers gain valuable life skills they take with them for years to come and their accomplishments don’t go unnoticed. This is one elective you definitely want to sign up for this summer, so don’t wait! Check out our woodworking classes as well as other creative electives and sign up before it fills up.