Plainsboro, NJ

At Black Bear Lake Day Camp, we pride ourselves on giving kids a summer camp experience they aren’t soon to forget. Serving kids from Pre-K through Grade 10, there’s something for everyone to love at Black Bear Lake. From over 70 electives to build your weekly schedule from to the fantastic food we prepare for our campers to special trips for our older campers, there’s a lot on offer. 

Our Summer Day Camp Serves Plainsboro, NJ

Plainsboro, NJ boasts a population of roughly 23,000 inhabitants. If you’re residing in Plainsboro, NJ, and are on the lookout for a summer camp for your child, look no further than Black Bear Lake Day Camp. We’re serving up fun and confidence all summer long, and all we need is your attendance! Interested in joining us this summer? Call us at 809-259-1777 or email us at