Why Black Bear Lake is the Best Day Camp in New Jersey

A lot of camps can make the claim that they’re the “best”. But what makes someone the best? Is it the location, the staff, the offered activities, the food, or is it the kids? It’s usually a combination of several different factors but at Black Bear Lake, we can genuinely say it’s a mix of every one of those qualities. 

For the past 25 summers, Black Bear Lake has been dedicated to providing children from Monmouth, Mercer, Ocean, and Buck Counties with a summer home. A combination of our mature and responsible staff, one of a kind program, and our extraordinary 30+ acre campus help us offer the area’s premier day camp experience. Let’s dive in a bit further, shall we? 

Our Philosophy

Our simple yet all-encompassing philosophy ensures that each and every kid who attends Black Bear Lake Day Camp is given the opportunity to explore what they’re interested in. Each camper has the chance to craft their own schedule by choosing from our 70+ offered activities. 

With so many options on offer, we let kids further explore their interests and develop skills in hobbies they haven’t had the chance to try in their personal lives yet. By broadening our campers’ horizons, we help them grow into more well-rounded individuals.  

Our Program

Building off our last point, having a choice is a huge aspect of how we structure our program at Black Bear Lake Day Camp. Each age level, from Nursery to 10th Grade, is structured to either get kids adjusted to camp, help them meet older campers and branch out, or assist them in moving on to a leadership position. 

In between the main focuses of each age group, campers choose how they want to structure their days and pick the activities that best line up with how they hope to spend their summer. Giving kids a choice in how they spend their time results in more engaged campers and happier kids.

Our Staff

Based on our tradition of friendship, adventure and spirit, our staff members are ready to tackle whatever camp throws at them. From ensuring they get the most from their chosen activities to seeing each camper is safe throughout the day to fostering an upbeat and positive environment, our counselors have a tall order in front of them each and every day camp is in session. 

In addition to setting each camper up for success, we also like to see our staff set up for success too. Therefore, we provide ongoing leadership training for all our staff members. These training sessions not only help our staff build their resumes but they also help our younger staff members out on their college applications too.   

Our Campus

Last, but certainly not least, is our campus that pulls everything together. It gives our campers a playground to live out their summer adventures and our staff a place to oversee all the growing minds. Set on over 40 acres of land, we’ve managed to utilize every inch of our property to better the summer camp experience. We have three heated swimming pools, countless sports fields, a complete outdoor adventure course equipped with rock walls, ziplines, bungie trampolines, and a giant swing. Furthermore, we have horseback riding on site, the most complete gymnastics and trampoline program in all of camping, an activity center with numerous classroom spaces, and a fully indoor and air-conditioned dining hall. 

Additionally, our 5-acre lake allows our campers to take advantage of our awesome water park, head out on the water on boats and kayaks, and kick back with a fishing rod. All in all, Black Bear Lake is a great place to play. 

Find Out Why We’re the Best in New Jersey

If you’re in New Jersey and are interested in enrolling your child in a summer day camp program, do yourself a favor and check out what we have to offer at Black Bear Lake Day Camp. To learn more, give us a call at 609-259-1777 or send us an email at fun@blackbearlake.com.