6 Values We Promote at Black Bear Lake

Here at Black Bear Lake Day Camp, everything we do is to encourage our campers to be their best selves. Being your “best self” can mean a lot of things these days, which is why we promote seven core values for each of our campers to embody. With these pillars serving as the overall foundation of our camp, we hope to instill these qualities in each and every camper over the course of their time with us in the summer.

With these seven pillars, we help our kids discover new things to love about themselves while reinforcing what makes each of them uniquely special. By promoting self-love and healthy practices, we help them pave the way to their own self-confidence. Learn more about our central values below!


Feeling like you genuinely belong to a community is a great way to boost self-confidence. We want campers to consider our space in Milltown Township, New Jersey, as their home away from home and think of their friends here as some of their closest confidants. After all, without a community to call your own, who could help pick you up when you’re feeling down?

By making everyone feel like an integral part of the Black Bear Lake Day Camp experience, we help boost confidence levels. Being a welcome citizen in our community gives campers a sense of purpose and gives them more reason to embrace each and every day both with us and beyond.


If you approached every day with low levels of enthusiasm, would you feel all that confident? Odds are, likely not. That’s why we give campers many reasons throughout their days and weeks with us to embrace each day with open arms.

From the various sports they’ll partake in to the numerous electives they’ll choose to fill their schedules, we give our campers the opportunity to explore their interests, foster new habits, and approach their days with compassion.


It’s hard to have self-confidence if you don’t have the spirit to spark it, and we’ll be the first to admit that spirit can be a tough part of self-confidence to nail down. However, we’d like to think we’re experts in that department. Besides, Black Bear Lake practically screams spirit.

From our community to the encouraging signs you’ll find hanging up around camp to the way our counselors interact with our campers, the spirit you’ll find here isn’t something you’re going to want to shake off once your time with us is through for the summer. In fact, you’ll want to bring that spirit forward with you throughout the rest of your year.


What is camp without friendship? In essence, not camp at all. That’s why “friendship” stands as one of our strongest pillars and core values. The amazing thing about summer camp is that it brings kids from various walks of life together for the summer. In that time, new friendships are forged and potentially life long connections are made.

Having friends you can rely upon and share personal moments with is a major aspect of self-confidence. Without friends, who would you spend time with aside from your family? Friends bring out parts of us we may never have discovered otherwise. They help us grow and learn. Without the influence of friends, it would be incredibly hard to build ourselves up.


Building off the friendship aspect, we also encourage loyalty. Loyalty not only to your friends but also to the hobbies you love and, most importantly, yourself. If you aren’t loyal to your endeavors, you can’t build a foundation upon which to structure the rest of your life.

With the help of our amazing staff, we aid our campers in finding things they are super passionate about and then teach them how to remain loyal and steadfast in their efforts.


A self-confident person is someone who opens their eyes, ears, and heart to others. If you’re stubborn and uncooperative, you may find it hard to navigate life’s many ups and downs. Therefore, showing our girls how to cooperate on the field, in the classroom, and in their social circles gives them the tools they’ll need to cooperate in life as they get older and their responsibilities become greater.

At Black Bear Lake Day Camp, Self-Confidence is Our Bread and Butter

If you’re not a more self-confident person by the end of your time with us in the summer, we feel as though we haven’t adequately done our jobs. Confidence in yourself can see you through thick and thin, and creating that base at a young age is instrumental in carrying it through the rest of your life.

While you’ll learn many things about yourself and others at Black Bear Lake Day Camp, self-confidence is the biggest takeaway. Interested in unveiling your best self? Consider spending your summer with us! Contact us by calling (609) 259-1777 or sending us an email at fun@blackbearlake.com.