3 Reasons Why Learning to Swim as a Child is Important

When 71% of the planet is comprised of water, knowing how to swim well is a fairly vital skill to have. With pools thrown into the mix, it’s rare to go through life without ever finding yourself in the water. Given that, learning how to swim at a young age is most advantageous. At Black Bear Lake, we believe in starting swimming lessons young. 

Not only is it an engaging activity for kids to partake in but it’s a lifelong way to stay active. Discover the three principal reasons why we believe giving kids swimming lessons is incredibly important. 

Prevents Drowning & Other Accidents

Ultimately, the most important thing about learning how to swim is so you can stay properly afloat should you find yourself in the water. As a kid, and even as an adult, you’ll be at birthday pool parties, trips on the lake, visits to the beach, the list can really go on. When your child is around water often, it’s important to ensure they can handle themselves with ease aside from what they pick up from these experiences. 

Besides, the statistics speak for themselves. With drowning being the leading cause of fatalities amongst children aged 1-4, according to the CDC, it’s imperative they learn the right skills. 

Swimming is Great for the Body 

When it comes to staying in shape, swimming requires zero weights. All you need is a body of water to stay in tip-top shape. Not only can you learn to master your breathing with various breathing techniques, but swimming is also a full-body exercise. It improves strength, coordination, and flexibility to boot. 

If swimming is an activity you learn when you’re young, you can utilize your skill at it to keep you healthy and in shape for the rest of your life. 

Learn a Blend of Individual & Team Skills

When you learn to swim at camp, you’ll get the chance to hone your skills both alone and with other kids. Swimming alone allows one to truly focus in on their body and ultimately learn how it works best. 

When it comes to swimming and participating in group activities, kids learn how to work together best to complete the task while utilizing their bodies in the most efficient way possible. Regardless of whether it’s a fun game or a competitive racing bout, learning to swim at camp opens up a lot of entertaining possibilities. 

Learn How to Swim at Black Bear Lake Day Camp

Learning how to swim is an essential skill to have under your belt. What better place to learn than at camp? When you join us for the summer, we’ll make sure you’re zooming around the water in no time. Have questions for us here? Contact us 732-297-2000 or request more info online!