Why We’re the Best Elective Summer Day Camp in NJ

You can’t proclaim you offer kids a summer of choice without providing them with a serious selection of activities to choose from. At Black Bear, we genuinely want to give campers something to look forward to each and every week. This is why we give them the option of creating their own schedule on a weekly basis. This way, they can explore their interests without being confined to a set schedule that is chosen for them.

For example, if your child wants to partake in basketball, gymnastics, and archery electives one week and boating, chess, and drama electives another, they can! Giving kids the opportunity to explore things with us during the summer that they might not get a lot of exposure to during the school year is super important to us. Let’s further explore why we’re the best elective summer camp in NJ. 

An Incredible Selection of Things to Do

If you can think it, we’ve got it on offer. Our electives span many categories from sports to arts & crafts to academics. With over 70 electives to choose from, campers can truly have summer their way. If they want to try out new electives every week of camp, there’s nothing stopping them from doing so. If they want to stay in their lane and have a summer comprised of only sports, they can do that too. Allow us to break down our elective categories to give you a better picture of just how wide our net is cast at Black Bear Lake Day Camp. 


If your child is interested in academic pursuits, we offer a science elective and a library elective. Science allows campers to study electricity and magnetism, sunlight and color, engineering and much more. If campers find they genuinely love the science elective, they’ll even have the opportunity to participate in our science fair. 

For our campers who are avid readers, we offer the library elective. This elective allows our campers to broaden their minds and flex some literary muscle while reading under umbrellas on our beach. 


We know a thing or two about sports here at Black Bear Lake Day Camp. From everything you’d expect like baseball, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, and flag football to a few you might not expect like mountain tubing, extreme laser tag, trampolines, and spike ball. Not only do sports keep kids active and engaged in the outdoors but it teaches them to work better on a team too. If your child is all about sports, they’ll find more than enough electives to keep them active all summer long. 

Arts & Crafts 

For kids that love to create things with their hands, we offer our arts & crafts electives. This isn’t all paper mache projects either. While we do offer general creative crafts, we also offer culinary arts for kitchen wizards, lego land for lego lovers, Campers will even have the chance to create works of art for their homes with our pottery, wheel throwing, and woodworking electives too.

Performing Arts

The stage is an alluring place and many of our campers find their homes there. For our kids who love putting on a show and stepping into the shoes of different characters, we offer BBL camp show and drama. Additionally, for those who love putting on production but don’t want to be in the limelight, we offer a set design elective to build the environments the actors will perform in. Nestled in with the performing arts is our dance elective too, for all our campers who like busting a move. 

Pool & Lakefront  

Summertime is synonymous with beaches and getting in the water. Thankfully, our 5-acre lake makes it easy for kids who love aquatics to spend their summer in the water. From classic pursuits like boating and fishing to more unique experiences like lake waterpark and pool games, we have plenty on offer for our campers who love to live in the water. 

Create the Summer You Want at Black Bear Lake Day Camp

If you’re looking for an elective summer day camp for your child, consider giving them a summer of endless choice at Black Bear Lake! We can’t wait to introduce your child to new ventures and interests. Have questions for us? Get in touch with us at (609) 259-1777.