5 Reasons Why Children Need Summer Camp

For children, summer means unlimited free time to play, explore, and make memories to last a lifetime without being bogged down with homework assignments.  But, for parents, finding activities to fill a child’s summer months can be a daunting task. Things like trying to find a babysitter, planning visits with the grandparents, and scheduling vacations can be a bit time-consuming.  Enrolling your child into a summer camp program is one of the best ways to solve your summer break dilemma.

Summer camp can be an activity-filled, educational way for your child to spend their summer.  From getting to interact with other campers to developing new skills, enrolling your child into a summer camp program can nudge them out of their comfort zone, and create an unforgettable summer experience.  Here are a few reasons why summer camps are beneficial to your child’s growth.

It Boosts Their Self Esteem

Outside of the competitive nature of school life, your child will have opportunities to uncover their full potential at summer camp.  Summer camp provides the perfect setting for children to practice their decision-making skills in a positive, nurturing environment.  While receiving praise for their accomplishments and efforts, they’ll also feel more confident as they delve into new activities.

Camp Helps Them Make New Friends 

Summer camp offers a safe environment for children to find other children who share common interests. Making friends is an important aspect of a summer camp experience, and with the support of their camp counselors, children are able to practice their friend-making skills while participating in activities they enjoy.

Camp Allows Kids to Try New Things

Summer camp pushes children out of their comfort zone by exposing them to new activities and experiences that they may have never been able to participate in outside of a camp setting.  Children can explore new hobbies and find activities they truly enjoy, also while building valuable life skills alongside their new friends. 

They Can Unplug From Technology

Is your child typically glued to their TV, phone, tablet, game console, or computer? That’s not surprising, given the children of today are the most connected generation ever. Enrolling your child into a summer camp program can help them disconnect from technology (we recommend leaving devices at home!) and get them engaged with the world around them. At Black Bear Lake, your child will be given numerous opportunities to branch out and evolve themselves. From developing their interpersonal skills to building entirely new friendships, giving children the chance to unplug at summer camp allows them to work on communicating with others in real life as opposed to thinking in emojis.  

Summer Camp Lets Children Gain Lifelong Skills

Attending summer camp gives children an opportunity to gain practical, real-world skills. With guidance from their camp counselors, children will uncover and develop skills they can use for the rest of their lives.  They’ll learn how to respond to social cues, how to respect others, and how to resolve conflict when it arises.  

Consider Black Bear Lake Day Camp for Your Child

Black Bear Lake Day Camp offers exciting, educational summer camp programs for children ages 3-15.  Each of our programs is designed to meet the physical and developmental needs for each specific age group, and are led by our carefully screened camp staff.

Do you think your child is ready for a summer camp experience?  Learn more about our summer camp program offerings and register your child for the upcoming summer season today!