Selecting the Right NJ Summer Day Camp

At Black Bear Lake, we’ve compiled some helpful tips to help you choose the right summer camp for your child.

Start with a Day Camp

If your child is new to camp, an overnight camp might be intimidating. Starting off with a day camp will allow your child to get acclimated to camp life with the reassurance that he/she can journey home at the end of the day. You can also choose how many weeks you’d like your child to attend and receive feedback on the camp experience at the end of each day.

Summer Camp Counselor Training

When browsing through camps, make sure you’re looking for an establishment that emphasizes the importance of counselor and camper bonding. Camp counselors play a meaningful role in the campers’ development, acting as role models during programs and activities. It’s critical to find a summer camp that has completed a thorough background check on the counselors and provided training. Ask questions about the counselors’ certifications; are they CPR Certified? First aid training? Lifeguard training?

Summer camp counselors should understand how to take care of children who are feeling homesick, develop strategies to work with different age ranges, follow strict guidelines on how to safely supervise children, and more.

Check the List of Summer Camp Activities + Programs

Whether your child is looking for a specific activity or they want to dip their toes into a couple of programs, it’s important that the summer camp offers an activity/activities that your child is interested in. At Black Bear Lake, our campers participate in the electives and activities of their choice. Their day is spent how they please and not the other way around. We like to consider ourselves the “Camp of Choice”. Given that, we offer plenty of activities that utilize our fantastic campus. With choices like lake waterpark, fishing, laser tag, horseback riding, mountain tubing, and many more, we offer seemingly endless options for kids to build the summer of their dreams. 

Is Transportation Provided to the Summer Camp?

If the camp you’re eyeing is a bit further, contact them to see if they provide transportation. Also, consider looking for a camp close to home to put your child at ease. Additionally, a camp that is within close proximity to your home means you can get to your son/daughter in the event of an emergency.

Additional Questions to Ask

  • Are meals included?
  • What’s the counselor to camper ratio?
  • How many lifeguards are on duty?
  • How structured is the program?
  • Does the camp accommodate children with dietary restrictions?
  • What is the camp philosophy?

Why You Should Join Us at Black Bear Lake Day Camp

At Black Bear Lake Day Camp, our philosophy is to encourage campers to develop skills in a variety of activities. Designed for kids in Nursery through Grade 10, our summer day camp sits on a breathtaking 40-acre facility with three heated pools, regulation size sports fields, full air-conditioned activity centers, a gymnasium, our dining hall, and classrooms! We offer a full range of activities including basketball, gymnastics, football, soccer, tennis along with an abundance of creative arts programs. Request more info today!